E2 Visa

For those persons who have an entrepreneurial outlook, the E-2 investment visa may be the ideal visa for them.

The E-2 visa is popularly known as the “Temporary Green Card”. The reason for this is that there is no upper limit to the visa term and therefore extensions to your stay and visa renewals can be granted on a limitless number of occasions, provided that the qualifying investment is still in existence and all other conditions for the E-2 visa are still being satisfied.

This visa allows foreigners who have made substantial investments in the United States to relocate to the United States in order to develop and direct the business operation established by their investments.

You may be eligible for this visa if you are the investor, or if you are an executive, manager or essential employee of the foreign company that made the investment and you and the major shareholders of the company are the nationals of a country that has an ongoing Treaty of Trade, Friendship and Commerce with the United States.

In the case of executives and corporate personnel, only nationals from the same country as the corporation are eligible. You will have to show that an investment in the United States has already been made, or that your company is “actively in the process of investing”.

Therefore if you possess significant financial assets, the E-2 visa may be for you.

The E-2 visa may be suitable for those who wish to invest a significant sum of money in order to either purchase an existing business or to set up a new business.

The E-2 visa is not suitable for “silent” investors as the investor is required to play an “active” role in the management and direction of the investment enterprise.

Because of the unique complexities of investing in a U.S. business, it is highly advisable to seek competent legal advice on the types of investment that may qualify for an E2. This law firm is able to provide such advice.

After receiving such advice, the next step is likely to be to contact a reputable business broker that has an awareness of the requisite criteria for making a qualifying E-2 investment.

Because of the technical nature of an E-2 application, it is highly advisable for experts in U.S. Immigration Law to prepare the E-2 visa paperwork. Our firm is more than capable of assisting you in this regard.