There are numerous categories of non-immigrant visa suitable for individuals and their qualifying family members. The following is a brief description of some of the non-immigrant visas that we deal with:

B1 & B2 Visitor Visas

B1 Business Visitors

This visa allows you to enter the United States to attend business meetings or conferences, engage in buying or selling, oversee contracts on behalf of your foreign (non U.S) employer, or participate in other business ventures.

There are various other uses for the B1 visa.

B2 Tourism and Travel Visas

This visa is for bona fide tourists. However there are other possible uses for this visa.

E3 Australian Employment Professional Visa

This is a visa category recently created by the US government to allow Australian professionals to work in the US.

Its full name is the “E-3 Treaty Professional Visa for Australian Nationals”.

Qualified Australians have access to a dedicated visa, which is easier and cheaper to obtain than the traditional H-1B Business Visa. The E-3 visa is available to those in “speciality occupations”, which is defined to be those occupations requiring a bachelors degree. This is expected to assist Australian companies with US operations and Australian professionals in financial services, banking, accounting, information technology, law, engineering and medicine.

Unlike H-1B visas, the spouses of those holding E-3 visas are able to work in the US.

The E-3 visa may be extended after payment of various minor application fees.

F1 Academic and Language Student Visas

This visa enables foreigners to study in the United States in full-time academic or language programs.

H1B Employees in Specialty Occupations Visa and Other H Categories

The H1B visa is for professionals in specialty occupations who are coming to the United States to work in their fields of expertise.

There are various other employment based visas that fall under the H category.

K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa

This visa gives the opportunity to a U.S. citizen to invite his or her fiancé(e) to America for a limited period, during which time the fiancé(e) must either marry the petitioner or return to his or her home country.

M1 Academic and Language Student Visas

This visa enables foreigners to study in the United States in full-time vocational programs.

O1 Employees of Extraordinary Ability

This visa allows foreigners with ‘extraordinary ability’ in the arts, sciences, education, business, or athletics to work in the United States.

P1 Athletes and Performing Artists Visa

The P categories, P-1, P-2 and P-3, are reserved for those persons who will be coming to the US to perform in athletics or entertainment, and who do not meet the extraordinary ability standard required for classification in the O category.

R1 Religious Worker Visa

This visa allows ministers of religions and religious workers employed by religious, non-profit organizations to work for related organizations in the United States.